Spotlight on green tea

Posted on 3 January 2014 · Posted in The topics    Share on   

Description and origin :
Tea is the most highly consumed drink in the world after water. Green tea comes from a single evergreen tree, the Camellia sinensis (a species close to the camélia horticole), which grows in the hot and humid climates of Asia (mainly China and Japan).

Advantages :
Green tea contains antioxidants known as catechins, in particular Epigallocatchin gallate (EGCG), which has an antioxidant power 25 to 100 times greater than that of vitamins C and E. Trials on animals and more limited trials on humans have demonstrated the considerable antioxidant effect of green tea. This effect appears to act particularly on the bad cholesterol which, when oxidized, seems to be more atherogenic. It can also contribute to the prevention of dental caries.

How to use :
The temperature and the brewing time affect the antioxidant content of the tea you drink. For the best flavor, brew green tea for between 2 and 3 minutes (2 minutes for Japanese sencha) with the water between 70° and 75°C maximum. Japanese green teas contain more EGCG than Chinese green teas.